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Searching for the company Filkab AD in Plovdiv at address ul. Komatevsko shose 92 can be misspelled as Filkab AD in Plovdiv at address ul. Komatevsko shose 92 or Освньф ЬА сх Звдуасу ьш ьааиеяя кв. Ндпьшеуянд цдяе 92 . The electronic mail of the company can be misspelled as оффиcе@филкаб.cом or доосcе@освньф.cдп

Web: http://www.filkab.com
E-mail: Filkab AD

Country: Bulgaria
City: Plovdiv
Address: ul. Komatevsko shose 92

Fax: 0035932671133
VAT Number: 119601770
Date added: 12.01.2010

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ul. Komatevsko shose 92, Plovdiv
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Electrical equipment and integrated solutions for electrical installations Activities:

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